What support can I give What Ability?

Be part of a team of athletes and support workers committed to supporting individuals with  disabilities. As an athlete you have discipline, determination, time and boundless positive energy to offer. Expand your skills, engage in your community and be paid for your time. The rewards are many, enquire now and explore the opportunities available.


How do I get started?

Enquire now to access full information for athlete’s and support workers interested in working with What Ability. You will be required to complete an application and provide documentation to work with children and/or adults with disabilities.

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How do I find work on
What Ability?

We’ve designed our site to be user-friendly for both participants and support workers. Simply enquire now to connect with people seeking support. Support workers and participants are be able to view your profile and get to know you better before working together. Our What Ability admin team work hard to make sure you are matched with participants for exciting adventures every booking!

How do I get paid?

Your client is automatically invoiced and billed for the shift you complete. You will be required to fill out a shift evaluation form. Funds are released by us to your nominated bank in accordance with our fortnightly pay schedule.

Support worker pay rates