Any other questions please send us an email at [email protected].

Can I become a part of the What Ability admin team?

Absolutely, we are always happy to connect with amazing people! If you are interested in working with What Ability get in touch with us at [email protected] and one of our team will be in touch with you soon!

How do I become a support worker?

If you are interested in becoming one of our amazing support workers you can click here to register and fill in our application form. The essential requirements to for an application are:

Working with Children Check

Police Check

First Aid/CPR certificate

NDIS Orientation Module

Photo ID 

Two professional references 

We will also ask for some information about you and the support you are happy to provide to ensure we get to know our support workers really well.

Once you have completed the application someone from our team will be in touch with the outcome of your application to become a support worker.

What is a support worker?

A support worker is a person who assists individuals with daily tasks. At What Ability our amazing support workers ensure that happiness comes first. They are professional and semi professional athletes that facilitate community access and going on adventures. Our support workers always go above and beyond to ensure that every participant is always having fun.

Whether you are an athlete or not, if you are interested in becoming a support worker with What Ability get in touch with our team to find out more!

What is What Ability?

What Ability is an NDIS registered provider in NSW that believes happiness comes first. We work to help people with disabilities between the ages of 4 and 30 years old, get out and about in the community and have fun as often as possible. Our founder Steve Dresler was a professional athlete himself and now hopes to utilise What Ability to help change the perception of athletes in the community.

Is What Ability an NDIS registered provider?

Yes! What Ability is currently an NDIS registered provider in NSW.

Our staff can help you understand your NDIS plan. Contact us today for more information!

What if I have any complaints, concerns or compliments?

We always want to hear from our community about what we are doing well where we could improve!

If you have any feedback to give us please use our feedback form or get in touch with our team at [email protected]

We also have a complaint form here for anyone who would like to make a complaint about What Ability or our support workers. Once we have received your complaint we will be in touch with you to see how we may be able to help or improve in the future.

If you have any compliments for our team or for a specific support worker send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call on 0423 004 307.

What kind of insurance cover does What Ability provide?

What Ability provides comprehensive insurance cover to protect all What Ability users (including any injury, harm and/or property damage). For all shifts booked and serviced through the What Ability platform, we provide the following insurance:

Workers Compensation Insurance: 

This is provided for all workers who are fully registered and actively providing support through the What Ability platform.

Public Liability Insurance: 

This is provided to cover any harm caused to those seeking support on the What Ability platform. This also covers any property damage that may occur as a result of support being provided through What Ability.

Professional Indemnity Insurance: 

This insurance covers all registered support workers and our organisation as a whole. 

For full details, or if you have any questions about our insurance coverage, please get in touch with our team at [email protected].

Does What Ability provide transport?

Yes, What Ability will provide transport to and from activities. Most of our support workers happy to provide transport and have the relevant checks to transport people to and from adventures. As a participant you can also elect to travel in your car with the support worker driving or in the support workers/What Ability cars where possible. 

All support workers are entitled to 80 cents per kilometre that they travel while on a booking using their own car. These kilometres are claimed from the participants funding at 80 cents per kilometre. If they are using one of our What Ability cars the kilometres will still be charged to the participants funding.

If there is an accident and a person is injured while receiving or providing transport support with What Ability they are covered by our company’s insurance. If there is any damage to a support workers car during a shift, this should be covered by the support workers car insurance. Any supplementation of costs incurred will be individually reviewed by our What Ability admin team in collaboration with the participant and support worker.

If you have any further questions around transport support with What Ability, get in touch with our team here.

How do I report an incident?

To report an incident, please complete the online incident report form.

To find the form:

Click on your name in the top right corner of your What Ability dashboard

On the drop down list that appears, click Report Incident

Answer the relevant questions and lodge the incident

All incidents reported come through to our admin team and someone will be sure to follow up promptly when required.

If you need assistance with finding this form or would like to discuss an incident with us, please contact the team via [email protected] or on 0423 004 307.

Does What Ability verify the people that join the platform?

Yes, everyone who joins What Ability is checked and verified to keep our community safe and secure. As part of the support worker application, our team will check and verify:

Photo ID
Police Criminal Record check
Working with Children/Vulnerable People check (if applicable)
CPR and/or First Aid certificate
NDIS Worker Orientation Module Certificate
Two professional referees

To verify those seeking support, our team will review details through their online profile. We will speak with the person seeking support or their account manager to verify these details and speak with one personal referee. This verification process helps us to keep our community safe.

How do I book a support worker?

In order to book in a support worker, you will need to enquire here to apply with What Ability as a person seeking support. Once you have filled in the application, one of our team will be in contact with you. 

Our bookings are based on 3 months of upcoming support requirements and our admin team will match you with one of our amazing support workers.

How do I get support through What Ability?

If you think What Ability might be right for you and your support requirements, please click here to enquire about our support and becoming a part of the What Ability family.

What are our prices and pay rates?

Our prices are in line with the NDIS Standards and competitive in the sector as they are below the NDIS price guide. This means you will be able to access more hours of support with your NDIS funding. Please click the links below to access our pricing information:

Support Pricing – Click Here 

Support Worker Pay Rates – Click Here

What type of support does What Ability provide?

What Ability provides one to one community access supports, taking people out and about for fun activities around Sydney and surrounding areas. Some of our favourite activities include but are not limited to:

  • Beach days
  • Trampolining
  • Visiting cafes
  • Playing and watching sport
  • Barbecues in the park
  • Luna Park

What Ability also runs camps during the school holidays taking people on trips full of exciting adventures every day. 

If you are interested in getting involved with some of these fun activities you can find more information about how to apply here or get in contact with our team at [email protected].

What is NDIS?

NDIS stands for the ‘National Disability Insurance Scheme’. This is a new approach to providing support for Australians with a disability, their families, and carers. This scheme is run by the NDIA or the ‘National Disability Insurance Agency’.

Booking cancellations with What Ability

We understand that things happen and sometimes we cannot make it to everything we have committed to. We have made our cancellation policy with everyone in mind to ensure that both support workers and participants feel supported by What Ability when bookings need to be changed or cancelled. 

Cancellations by the participant:

If something has changed and you need to cancel your booking please call our team on 0423 004 307 and email [email protected]

Cancellations received 24-48 hours before the booking start time may incur a fee of up to 70% of the total booking fee. This is to ensure we can still pay our amazing support workers for the booking if required.

Cancellations received less than 24 hours before booking start time may incur a fee of up to 100% of the booking cost. The booking will be invoiced as normal.

Cancellations by the support worker:

If a support worker is unable to attend their booking with you, the What Ability Admin team will ensure another support worker is available to make the booking. If for some reason this is not possible, you will not be charged for this booking.

We have reviewed this policy to ensure it is in line with the NDIS guidelines on cancellations.

Is What Ability available across Australia?

What Ability is currently providing support in Sydney NSW. However, as we expand we will be sure to let our community know!

What happens if I get injured while working with What Ability?

What Ability support workers should make sure they are always working safely to prevent injury or illness. However, if you experience a serous injury or illness while working with What Ability please call emergency services.

You must also notify What Ability as soon as possible by completing our 24 hour incident report form available on your account or by either emailing [email protected] or calling 0423 004 307 anytime. Please note our admin team works 9-5 Monday to Friday, however our team will monitor and action any urgent incident reports that are submitted outside of these times.

All What Ability support workers are covered by Workers Compensation. If you do injure yourself, please seek medical assistance as soon as possible and request a Workers Compensation Certificate of Capacity from your treating doctor.

Our team will support you to recover from your injury. This may include making a workers compensation insurance claim, participating in a return to work program or completing alternative duties whilst you recover.

What is mandatory reporting?

Mandatory reporting is the legal obligation to report any suspected or witnessed abuse or neglect of a person under the age of 18.

As a support worker within the disability sector, you are a mandatory reporter.

What to report?

If you suspect, believe, or have reasonable grounds to have significant concern for a person under 18 in regard to the below areas you must by law report it to the relevant government bodies:

– Physical harm

– Sexual harm

– Emotional or psychological harm/neglect

– Exposure to domestic violence

How to make a report:

In NSW you can follow the prompts on the ChildStory website to find out if it is necessary to report what you have experienced. 

It is also vital that you contact What Ability if you notice anything while completing a booking with a participant. We are trained and experienced to make a report on your behalf, or support you in making a report. Contact What Ability using our 24-hour online incident report form, or via phone on 0423 004 307.

How does What Ability prevent abuse and neglect?

What Ability has a Zero Tolerance policy towards the abuse, negligence, neglect and exploitation of people with disability. 

We have developed a range of safeguarding and response systems to ensure that we are actively preventing abuse and neglect and can respond to incidents quickly and professionally.

What Ability is available 24/7 to investigate and resolve incidents. On top of this, the team ensures that each piece of feedback is reviewed and responded to swiftly and discreetly.

What Ability plays a critical role in the prevention of abuse, neglect and negligence.

It is our responsibility to ensure that our users:

– are appropriately screened and verified prior to entering the community

– are educated on abuse and neglect

– Families and carers are provided with support after identifying and reporting incidents of abuse, neglect and exploitation and are not negatively impacted as a result of reporting concerns or providing feedback.

It is also our responsibility to:

– proactively monitor our community for warning signs of abuse, neglect and negligence

– remove barriers to reporting by creating a culture that is open and responsive to feedback, complaints and incident notifications

– respond to reports in a timely, fair and serious manner

– make the mandatory reports to relevant state and territory government departments and regulators in a timely manner.

How do I pay for my support workers?

When a shift has been worked, What Ability will pay your support workers and issue you with an invoice. If you are self-managed, we will send the invoice to you directly; if you are plan-managed, we will send the invoice to your plan manager for payment; and if your funding is being managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency we will arrange to have your invoices paid through the online NDIS participant portal (currently What Ability is only available in NSW, other states coming soon). If you are unsure of the best payment method for your situation, please call us to discuss.

What funding can I use to pay for support?

We currently accept either NDIS funding or private payments for support. At What Ability our support focuses on community access and for this reason we are currently most often claiming from the Core Supports – Access Community, Social and Recreational Activities category in people’s NDIS plans. If other areas of your funding may be more suitable for us to use please get in touch with our team.