1:1 Support

Through What Ability you can access support workers that put happiness first! Our bookings are tailored to participant’s goals, based on community access, building important skills, and making friends for life! We believe when happiness comes first you unlock your potential. This might look like having a hot choccie at the local cafe or cheering on your favourite footy team or exploring the coastline on a bush walk.

On any given day the What Ability crew are across the country, accessing local communities, exploring the outdoors, or trying out new things. Every What Ability participant has an individual support plan that integrates their goals, skills, and daily activities. It’s support for all ages, all abilities and all your favourite adventures!

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Our Support Includes:

What Ability wishes to enable inclusive communities and environments through supporting participants with disabilities to achieve their leisure, recreation and community-access goals.

Entry Criteria

In order to access supports provided by What Ability, participants must have a disability which: 

  1. Is defined under the NDIS Act; 
  2. Is permanent or likely to be permanent; and 
  3. Results in a significantly reduced capacity in one or more activities of daily living such as communication, mobility, personal care, decision-making or social skills.

Participants must be:

  1. Identified as eligible to access supports through the National Disability Insurance Scheme;
  2. Be 16 years of age or older at the time of request for service, or otherwise be under the care of a family member or guardian.

A potential user of supports provided by What Ability’s must be assessed to be eligible to receive these services through What Ability’s entry procedure.

Previous acceptance to receive supports provided by What Ability does not entitle the person to automatically access supports, or to the same service/supports at a later time. 

Limitations on Supports Currently Provided by What Ability

As a registered NDIS service provider, What Ability provides supports to all participants according to its currently assessed NDIS Registration Groups, and within its certified scope of practice.

What Ability has a firm commitment to the safety and quality of the supports provided at all times. There will be no exceptions considered to this approach.

In this regard, currently What Ability is unable to provide supports for participants who require the use of a wheelchair for their mobility during community-based activities if the participant requires transport provided by What Ability whilst remaining in their wheelchair. What Ability does not currently have a modified vehicle to enable the transport of participants who require to remain in their wheelchair at all times.

We are able to support participants who are able to transition in and out of their wheelchair independently (or with minimal support), using a non-modified vehicle.

What Ability does not currently provide supports for participants requiring any form of assisted breathing, peg fed or who require administration of subcutaneous injections by What Ability staff.