Young, Fit and Energetic

What Ability is a young organisation, being only 3 years old! Our support workers are young too, with the majority being under the age of 25. This means they have no problem keeping up with our curious participants and are happy to run, jump, explore, hop on a jetski or play footy. This also means our participants can enjoy overnight camps as our support workers are more open to travelling for longer periods of time. Our participants can also more easily relate to someone closer in age to them.

Qualified and Consistently Trained

At What Ability we want to ensure that our support workers are prepared for the job. During the onboarding process, we make sure our support workers have all mandatory check and first aid training prior to their first booking. We also have them trained in fun activities, for example, giving them a chance to get a jet ski license. We are constantly educating our support workers through meetings on how to interact with participants and de-escalate situations.

Qualified with

  • First Aid

  • Bronze Medallion

  • Epilipsy Essensials

  • Anaphylaxis Training

  • Midazolam

  • S.I. (Safety Interventions)

  • COVID 19 – Infection Control

All Paid, Not Volunteers

Often when people show interest in becoming a What Ability support worker they are surprised to know that it is a paid opportunity. Support work is usually known for being a volunteer or casual role but at What Ability we have over 50 full time support workers across the country. At What Ability all of our support workers are paid whether they are in a full time position or a casual position. Our support workers work for us because they believe in our mission and want to help us make happiness come first.

Pro & Semi Professional Athletes

The most unique difference between What Ability and other disability support providers is that What Ability uses recognisable athletes as support workers. Our Founder Steve played for the Parramatta Eels and now wishes to change the way athletes are perceived when they are away from their sport. As What Ability continues to grow we are getting even more athletes on board! We want to make disability support a cool job.

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