Support Worker Guide

How to do leave on support mate

Before the booking 

  1. The STL will contact the participant/participants family within the first week of the new month and confirm the bookings for the following month. The STL will then build out all the bookings for the participants in their team in Supportmate. Once the STLs team has been fully booked in Supportmate, the STL will then advise the State manager that this is done. Click Here to view how to create a booking in Supportmate
  1. The STL will roster the support worker on bookings in Supportmate. The support worker will have 24 hours to accept the bookings. If the support worker does not accept the booking within this timeframe the booking will need to be reassigned to another support worker. This is to allow the participants to see which support worker they should be expecting before the booking goes ahead.
  1. The day before the booking the STL will confirm that all bookings in supportmate have been accepted and any updates to the booking have been applied.
  1. The support worker will then contact the participant/participants parents the night before the booking to introduce themselves if they are not known by the participant. The support worker will suggest activities and confirm the time of the booking with the participant.

During the booking

  1. The support worker will then arrive at the address provided in Supportmate 10 mins prior to the booking and introduce themselves to the participant and their family. The Support worker will then check if the participant has packed the following items. Bag with food, water, change of clothes, swimming attire and towel, wallet with money and companion card, medications if applicable. If the participant does not answer the door then the support worker will try to contact the family to ask where they are and if they are aware of the booking. If there is no answer to the call the support worker will then contact their STL and advise them that the participant is not answering. The STL will then attempt to contact the participant. If there is still no answer then the STL will advise the Support worker on how long to stay at the participants place. If there is still no answer after the time the STL has advised the support worker to stay, then the support worker can leave. The STL will then still invoice for the booking and pay the support worker 3 hours for their time.
  2. The support worker will reset their odometer before the booking to ensure the kms done on the booking are accurate.
  1. If the support worker uses the participants’ money for them, the support worker must keep a copy of the receipt.
  1. If there is an Incident the support worker must notify the STL immediately and submit an incident report 3 hours post booking using the link in the Supportmate app in the “shift instructions”
  1. The support worker will send photos during the booking to the family and also to the What Ability Photos phone.
  1. The support worker will drop the participant home after the booking. At drop off the support worker will advise the family about the day and give an overall review on how the participant was during the booking.

After the booking 

  1. After the booking the support Worker will have 3 hours to submit their progress notes, kms they did during the booking and any incidents that occurred.
  1. The following day, the STL will review and approve the support workers progress notes in Supportmate and update the booking if applicable. The STL will then review the support workers timesheets where they can review how many kms the support worker is claiming for their booking. If the support worker is claiming over 100 kms for the booking the STL will look further into this and check the kms are legitimate. After this the STL will approve the timesheet. Click Here for an example on how to review progress notes and timesheets.