Supportmate for support workers

Say hi to our newest friend, Supportmate.

Supportmate SaaS application is a software designed for Aussie businesses providing support services under NDIS. You have been selected to take part in our Pilot Program! To get started, it’s as easy as steps one to three below;

  1. Download the app for support workers:
  2. Use the log in details sent to you from [email protected]
  3. On this app you can: accept or reject bookings, review future bookings, add leave dates, review participant profiles, provide feedback on bookings and upload new documents as they expire
  4. Once the app is installed, please check “Allow while using” on Location Services. This will allow you to check-in when you start your booking

You’ve installed the app, now what?

  1. Check your home/roster screen to accept your first booking/s
  2. Before your booking
    1. Review the details for your booking by clicking the booking date on the calendar roster
    2. Click “About Participant” to read the participant profile
    3. Click “To-do” tab to review any special tasks for the booking
    4. Before completing the shift add all KMs & a summary of the day into the “Progress” tab
  3. Check-in on the day
    When you arrive at a participant’s house you can open the app and press the play button to start your booking
  4. Complete a booking
    1. Click the “Progress” tab to add a short summary and share ALL KMs completed
    2. If an incident occurred, click the “Incident” tab and “+ Report” button to add a short detail about the report. You must call Jake or Tayla when an incident occurs as soon as safely possible. Our team will be in touch to capture further information from you.
    3. Head to the booking roster page. Click the play button to complete your check out and end your roster
    4. The booking will now show as “Completed” on your app

If you have any technical difficulties call Jake on 0427 999 690