What Ability is excited to announce the appointment of Jared Chapman as the Chief Executive Officer and Nick Carroll as the Chief Operations Officer. 

Jared comes to us from within our own ranks, bringing over 10 years’ experience in the digital space, including his role as our COO, and as The Fork’s Director of Sales and Operations and Managing Director. 

During his time as our COO, he was instrumental in advancing processes and implementing policies to promote organisational culture, and he is known throughout the organisation for having a deep understanding of What Ability’s culture, values and goals. 

Jared has described his time as COO over the last 18 months as incredible, he said “the passion and dedication of the team have led to some amazing achievements. Expanding our Sydney service to 3 new states and the incredible support and feedback we have received from families is definitely a highlight.”

As What Ability continues to grow and become increasingly recognisable within the disability sector, Jared’s new role as CEO will have a great focus on working together with our corporate and community partners to create an inclusive world. 

Jared has stated he is “genuinely honoured to be offered the role as CEO of an organisation that takes supporting people with disability so seriously.”

“The passion of the team and the potential within the space are both opportunities as What Ability continues to mature.” 

Prior to joining What Ability, Jared and Nick co-founded Fit Finder Australia, a website and app that helps people get motivated and feel great by connecting them to personal trainers in their area. 

The two have a strong working dynamic and a shared vision, and have expressed their excitement about taking What Ability to the next level. 

Nick has stated “I think [Jared and I] have a complimentary skill set and a similar way of thinking. I’ve worked best as a safety net, allowing Jared to think as big as he likes, safe in the knowledge I won’t allow things to go off track or get distracted from our core mission.”  

Nick, who also has over 10 years’ experience, has worked as a Director of Analytics for Viator, a TripAdvisor company, and head of Ecommerce and Analytics for SumoSalad. Throughout his impressive background, he has led strategic teams of 15 across 7 countries with a market cap of $2bn. 

The new What Ability COO has stated he is impressed with the organisational culture and is looking forward to bringing his knowledge and skills to elevate What Ability. 

“What Ability is a great company that is truly mission driven which is incredibly rare to find. The team is really enthusiastic and their passion for the work and mission flows through in everything they do. This culture is really uplifting and drives everyone to bring their best,” Nick said. 

Both Nick and Jared foresee that What Ability will grow majorly within the next three to five years. 

Jared has said he is hopeful that over the next three years What Ability will transform from a service provider to an authority in the space, helping reshape the way we approach disability as a society. 

“The NDIS is still only young, and our acceptance and understanding of disability as a society is still in its infancy, so being an influence on how this develops is an exciting opportunity and moreso, a responsibility,” Jared said. 

What Ability is very proud to introduce this dynamic duo to the public. Together we will work to create an inclusive world and make happiness come first for people living with a disability across the country!