Epilepsy Training guide

Your epilepsy training journey begins now! Follow the details below, seize the knowledge, and empower yourselves to make a difference. Together, let’s break down barriers, spread awareness, and build a world where epilepsy is understood and supported. Your education fuels change – embrace it!

1. Log into the Learn Epilepsy website. If you have a GO1 account, use those details and Log In here, otherwise Sign Up here to make a new account with your own email.

2. Once you’ve logged in, purchase the ‘Whatability – Intro to Epilepsy 2023’ course here using the code “Whatability“. This coupon will charge our company for the course. If you forget to add the code you will be charged.

3. Click ‘Return to learning‘ and you can now access the ‘Introduction to Epilepsy for Disability Workers‘ on your dashboard.

4. Once you’ve completed the course, please email your Regional Manager your certificate to complete this training module.